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September 18, 2007



{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Renee. I had fun sitting and talking with you in AZ. Don't get me started on Al Sharpton I have a horrid opinion of the man. I hope things work out for you and it gets easier


omg,so you were "lucky" enough to get your Road Home grant before they went bankrupt, and now you need to pay taxes on it. that's something that doesn't make it to the chicago news. you know, there was all of the talk right after katrina hit about whether or not NOLA should be rebuilt. do you ever think that someone's decided, no we shouldn't rebuild but let's not tell anyone? you know i feel for you and your neighbors that remain in NOLA. you talk about the neighborhood, but did you have a lot of girlfriends that moved away? take care of yourself:) (((hugs))) Keely

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