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February 18, 2008


Peggy Long

Renee, I doubt you remember me from the Gulf South Miniature Events, but I have been reading these blogs since shortly after Katrina hit your city and you started them, rather than keep posting on one of the mini group newsletters. (sorry, I forget which one)

I just want to say that being a wannabe New Orleans resident, it has been interesting to hear about the rebuilding not only of a home, but a life and the life of a city....

I looked forward to the GSMDE every spring as my ''fix'' to visit New Orleans. I'm very sad that it faded from our lives.

i applaud you in how you have managed to stay sane in a very insane time in your life.... You have my admiration, and I think good thoughts for you.

Just wanted to let you know.

Peggy Long, Charlotte, NC


I'm sure there are more than 4 of us reading your blog and don't forget with me being in the UK you are international! Glad to see that you still have your sense of humour. Take care and look forward to seeing some photos of the rebuild. Bev,

Lillian Renfro

There MUST be more than 4 people reading your blogs. Just read a very interesting article from a California paper about New Orleans (and the NBA All Stars). We're all interested in what's going on with the rebuild of the city. Keep us informed.

Leslie McF

Still checking up on you here in Dallas Rene


What a horror!! I hope you haven't lost everything. I hate having to be tied to electricity -- it's so unreliable, but glad to see you back blogging.

Karin Parkhurst

You all look wonderful. Glad to see that Mardi Gras hasn't changed at the Kutcher house. Miss you all terrible. Virginia is just as exciting as a cold day in nowhere land, but it is home for now. Give everyone my love and hugs.

Sandy in Indiana

Still checking in on you. You do seem to have bad luck with electrical things.
Glad to see you are staying positive through all that has happened in your life. I so look forward to reading about your 'city' and how things are going there.

Oh, yes I did receive the box - it was wonderful!!!!!!
Things have been so crazy around here so far this year I sometimes am not sure which way is up. I will send you an e-mail tomorrow.

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