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August 27, 2008



Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you will already be gone!


Hi Renee!
I just sent you an email and then googled to find your blog has been a while since I have been hear...but could not help but think about you while watching the news!
Sending prayers that all is safe!!


Hey Renee, have been thinking about you lately (even before G) and wondering how you are doing. Glad to hear that you will not be there, hoping for a good trip and a good homecoming for you. xo, Sher


Renee, my thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone along the Gulf Coast. Glad to know you will be safe!! Hugs, Georgia

Faye Warriner

You are all in my prayers. We had a moment of silence in church for all involved. Stay safe.
God Bless

Judy R

Hey Renee,
Glad this was not a "bigger one"
Stay Safe,

Connie Fisher

Renee--you have been in my thoughts all weekend. I couldn't find our address to check, but Melodee Langworthy posted it with our yahoo group.

So glad Gustav didn't hit New Orleans like Katrina. Still there is damage, but it doesn't look like anything that can't be taken care of.

You are in our prayers.

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