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September 26, 2005


Heather aka The Jelly Belly Lady

OMG Woman - you are sooo frickin funny. It is good to know that you and the fam are flourishing despite it all. I keep meaning to send you a couple bottles of really good Napa Red - can you get wine shipments in Dallas? I always forget the stupid wine shipping rules. Whatever I'll figure it out soon enough and send ya some. Later girlie and keep on writing!!!! Heather


I found exactly what you are looking for! When shopping in Pets at Home, I found a "peeing post". It's supposed to give of all the right smells to the dog to incourage it to use it and it's a lovely shade of green to blend in with the plants. Don't know about yours but my Leonberger would drown it with his morning pee! lol

Dorothy McKinsey

Okay so that was a month ago you wrote it but I nearly died laughing! You just can't keep a good gal down...... Keep laughing and you will survive.

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